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Gold Metal Winner - Best Personal Trainer 2022, 2021 & 2019
Training For Balance-Vision-Fall & Injury Prevention
Strength & Conditioning- Quickness-Power-Cognitive Fitness
Weight Loss Expert-Kirk Lost 105lbs. & Kept Off 16 years.
Certified Pain - Free Performance Specialist

Gold Metal Winner - Best Personal Trainer 2022, 2021 & 2019
Training For Balance-Vision-Fall & Injury Prevention
Strength & Conditioning- Quickness-Power-Cognitive Fitness
Weight Loss Expert-Kirk Lost 105lbs. & Kept Off 16 years.
Certified Pain - Free Performance Specialist

Testimonials About Workout With Kirk

I'm receiving amazing results with Kirk.
Don't anyone kid you, he's the real deal, a real accredited coach.
He knows exactly what you need and when you need it. No pampering, but no slack either.
Just the right balance of what you need to be doing when you need to be doing it.
Thanks, Kirk, I know you are making a huge difference in my life and well being.
Dennis Rosen


My new years resolution has been to eericxse more and I have been doing great for the first 20 days. I decided to hit the treadmill for at least 30 minutes after work and rotate days doing push-up and sit-ups. Happy 2012!

When it comes to identifying the root cause of any movement dysfunction or painful pattern, there is no one better than Gray Cook. His Selective Functional Movement Assessment (SFMA) is the most thorough but simple method to help you pinpoint your clients' primary dysfunctions. We have been using the SFMA at Titleist with all our players for the past year, and the results are unbelievable.”
Dr. Greg Rose - Co-Founder of the Titleist Performance Institute
Wow! 8 weeks with Kirk has given me a new vision for fitness for my future...focusing on flexibility and building muscle, Kirk has given me so much motivation and information! Having had only one other personal trainer, this was a completely different experience. During the workout, which varies from yoga to kettle bells, he talks about nutrition and physiology, including all kinds of pointers on whole foods, vitamins, etc. I can also say it's never boring...He's probably the only person that will ever get me to do a "bear crawl" Thanks Kirk!
Roz O., Copied from Yelp, 5 Stars, 6/6/2011

Kirk is the real deal! The starting point for training with Kirk was a Functional Movement Screen. This is a comprehensive range of tests that measures flexibility and movement. The test results exposed my strengths and weaknesses, and provided a training guideline. Starting with these benchmarks provided me with a way to measure fitness results beyond pounds lost or weight lifted. The typical trainer asks, "what are your goals" and then starts training. Kirk starts with a scientific approach and builds a training program that has measurable results and is designed to prevent injury. I have seen great results and absolutely recommend Kirk.
David T.

Kirk is fantastic! My husband and I signed up for his intro to kettlebell classes through a Groupon with several participating gyms/trainers. Despite the headache of dealing with Metabody's scheduling system and errors, Kirk is definitely quality. He doesn't say, "I normally cover more, but since you're doing the groupon, I'm only going to cover this much."

I am a relatively healthy former martial artist who is very injury prone from over a decade of not listening to my body (and being young and believing I was invincible!). I ended up with osteoarthritis in my knees at 17 from patellar tracking and imbalanced muscle development. BUT I also spend my days (and nights) as an independent web and mobile app developer, and I met my husband 6 years ago at the Santa Barbara Video Game Club, so that gives you an idea of how sedentary my work/hobbies have become. I try to balance that out with running, hiking, and rock-climbing, but I was tired of how much upper body strength I'd lost.

Kirk noticed all the injuries and little idiosyncrasies in my body right away. From my squats, he pointed out that I needed to stabilise my knees and told me I was quad-dominant (I had a tendency to let my knees wobble and bow out when squatting). He also pointed out that I let my left shoulder roll forward on my left-handed kettlebell swings. All these things I appreciate because they help my avoid further injury.

A few classes ago, he also pointed out that, at my age, I should be able to be a lot more stable getting up from the ground - shouldn't need to use my arms or throw my hips forward.

I love that he challenges us and points out the different types of training, depending on whether we want to build muscle, lose weight, build endurance, injury-proof ourselves, etc. And I love that he emphasises safety and avoiding injuries. Heavier weight / ego doesn't matter - there will be time to get there once form and stability is achieved. In the last 6 classes alone, I have become more stable and stronger, my squats look better, and that's just going twice a week (Tuesdays and Thursdays). Definitely continuing this after our programme runs out!
Elizabeth K,San Diego, CA

On November 4, 2008, I weighed 222 lbs. I was apathetic and despaired of every being in shape again. My wife urged me to talk to Mr. Kirk Texeira, saying that he understood what it was like to be overweight and that he had fought back from obesity himself. Reluctantly, I agreed to meet Kirk, not believing that it would do any good. Kirk didn't pull any punches. He measured my weight, range of motion, pulse, etc., explaining that the results were not good. He described his own struggles and victory over obesity. I left the gym not fully convinced, but on the way home I purchased a scale. I started working with Kirk that week. Today, 4 months later, I have lost nearly 60 lbs. My blood pressure has fallen dramatically, and I feel very good. I am wearing clothes I have been unable to wear for the past five years. Kirk has a wealth of information about exercise, diet, and motivation. More importantly, he has made changes in his own life and knows what he's talking about because he has lived it. I would recommend his services to anyone who is desirous to improve their life.
David Ruiz, San Diego, CA

Great Trainer. Thank you for keeping me on course.
Elaine B., San Diego

I'm really feel stronger after seeing Kirk serveral times , and I coundn't wait to have some more training. I wish I have more time ...
Thank you for being so patient with me . I know I may be too slow for Kirk , but I think I will get what I want if I listen and try my best all the time.
Nancy T., La Mesa, CA

I had an evaluation with Kirk a couple of weeks ago to get my "score" on this cool system he uses to tell you how ready your body is for training.

Though not a bad score, I had areas of concern... With just two weeks of doing the corrective exercises he gave me, my shoulder has improved a lot and has incredibly reduced its "clicking" every time I move it around.

Kirk knows his stuff and will be able to help you too, like he helped me! :-)
Priscila M., Poway, CA
After working with Kirk Texeira this senior no longer uses a wheelchair.

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